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The Secret Series

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This Isn't What it Looks Like is the fourth book in the Secret Series, preceded by This Book is Not Good for You. It will be followed in September 2011 by the fifth book in the series, You Have to Stop This. It is based on the sense of sight.

Plot summaryEdit

Spoiler warning!
The following contains major plot details about the series. Turn back now and pretend like you didn't see anything! Perhaps listen to some nice music.. That's better.

In this book, Cass has just eaten Time Travel Chocolate from Señor Hugo. She falls into a coma and travels to the time of the Jester. However, she is just a bit more then a ghost, solid but invisible. She meets a woman named Cassandra, however she goes by Clara. Clara tells Cass her fortune with Tarot cards, and leaves a monocle for her that allows her to see through things. She went to the castle that the Jester worked in, and was met by Lord Pharaoh, who took the monocle and time traveling chocolate and threw her into a prison cell where the Jester was being held. at first he did not believe she was truly invisible but when she held her hand over his eyes and yet he could still see, he believed her. a bunch of bandits let all the prisoners out of jail, and the Jester and Cass followed the bandits as they left.

Meanwhile, in Max-Ernest time, he was trying to bring back Cass. The antidote wasn't working, and he was getting worried. Yo-Yoji was in Japan, and couldn't really help so he went to Pietro's tent in the circus and saw that they were playing cards. Pietro explains that they were using tarot cards and that they were telling them how to bring cass back was to return the tuning fork to america.

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