Who is the Midnight Sun? Is it some ancient cult? A band of cold blooded murders? Ah, maybe so. But the Midnight Sun would preferably refer to themselves as a group of "scientists", merely interested in how life works. They are on the run as we speak, or rather read, searching for the "never ending sun". Or the fountain of youth. Or the philosopher's stone. Or, simply put, the secret of immortality. Though they have not found the "secret", they maintain elixirs to keep themselves as young in appearance as they can. Their leader is Ms. Mauvais, who had once also been accompanied by Dr. L or Luciano. Ms. Mauvais is often described as cold but  very beautiful. She has perfect blonde hair, wide blue eyes, and a teeny-tiny waist. She resembles a Barbie doll in strange, morbid way. Despite Ms. Mauvais's youthful appearance, she is old. How old? Older then you think. Her former accomplice Dr. L, let himself waste away... Quite literally. He had tan skin, perfectly white teeth, and hair that seemed to be frozen in its state. One thing you'll notice about the members of the Midnight Sun is that they wear gloves, that cover them till' their forearms, to disguise their knarled, ancient hands. The Midnight Sun developed a spa that promised everlasting youth, though it was burned down by two 11-year-old heroes, Cassandra and Max-Ernest. Fellow Midnight Sun members include: Daisy, a now deceased Itamar, Antoinette Mauvais, Dr.L ( deceased ), Roxanna, Romi and Montana Skelton, Senor Hugo, and their latest addition, Amber.

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